Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Snacking while Cooking..anyone else do it?

Does anyone snack while cooking dinner? This is something I am trying to work on.  I make these great BBQ chicken burritos.  Last night as I was cooking dinner I noticed I snacked a lot!  First off I was starving.  It took forever to get home because it was raining and Lexington tends to shut down when it rains.  People just forget how to drive.  Anyway when I started making dinner it didn't seem to matter what it was.  Onions, little pieces of the chicken when I was cutting it up, corn as I cut it off the cob.  Ugh stop that! I was getting annoyed with myself, but did I mention I was sooooooo hungry.  So I will be working hard on not snacking while I cook.

I try to walk a mile every morning before work and in the evenings too. As I walked this morning I was so hot and going up a little hill.  I was breathing hard and trying to get my breath.  My mouth, I guess, was wide open I saw a bug coming right toward me and flew right in my mouth.  Big bug too.. Ekkkk!  I immediately starting coughing and spitting but down the hatch it must have went.  I will def try to keep my mouth closed during my walks from now on. 

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