Saturday, July 23, 2011

Feeling down :(

I am so not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow.  I just don't feel like it is gonna show the results I want to see.  Lets see...Monday I didn't exercise, Tuesday I walked a mile in the morning and did the p90x arms workout that evening with my hubby, Wednesday I walked a mile that morning, Thursday hubby and I went to the gym.  I didn't get an exercise in Friday or today.  I wanted to go to the gym again by the daycare there was only open until 12:30 it just didn't work with my schedule.  I did okay this week on that.  I think I ate okay too but Idk.  I need to start writing everything down and planning meals. I also thought about getting a exercise bike for nights when I am watching TV. Do you think that will be worth my money?

Just a little side note...I think I am done with Craigslist.  Hubby and I talked with these people a few months ago about a home gym. Well we ended up buying it for a 100.00 not bad right?  Yes bad.  One of the poles got bent on the way home and the cables are splitting.  So it is useless and just taking up room in our garage.  Booo!  Then the other night I got a 60.00 dollar deal on an exercise bike.  The guy was supposed to call me last night so we could meet up.  Well never heard from him..oh well.  And today I saw an ad for a really nice home gym.  I made the mistake by texting the guy and asking him to send a pic so I could see it better and he did.  I told him I would have to talk to my husband and get back to him at another time.  Well since then he has texted 5 times, called and left a voicemail while my phone was off and someone just called from a private number...pretty sure it was him.  I mean damn I was just asking about it!  We were thinking it over..gonna sleep on it but I think I will leave that alone I don't think I want to meet this crazy man. 

Well good night peeps I am for some reason exhausted today.  Wish me luck on the weigh in!


  1. I never did trust craigslist but so many people I know get great finds.. I'd be the unlucky one to get junk or lose money lol Im not looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow either but its gotta be done! Good luck missy :0)

  2. lose or gain you're still doing awesome and will continue to! Hugs

  3. Thanks for your support ladies!

  4. Yeah work out equipment I wouldn't buy off craigslist, to be all honest buy new. You can get good deals on treadmills, bikes and other things. Plus new equipment will have warranties on them. Believe it or not check out Walmart for equipment, my sister scored a nice treadmill for around $150 there. Mine I bought 5 years ago at a work out place but I paid roughly 700 for it I believe. Start checking around.
    No matter what happens on weigh in day don't give up just keep pushing! Best thing you can do is track your food, everything you put in your body including water, I use, its a free tool to use, I love it!