Friday, July 8, 2011

Rainy day and Chicken Etoufee *sigh*

It rained all day today.  So I couldn't go walk this morning.  Hopefully it will quit raining after I get off work so I can walk.  I hate going to to the YMCA but if it comes down to it I might have to go tonight.  My thoughtful, wonderful, amazing husband surprised me at work today with Chicken Etoufee from a little Cajun restaurant I oh so love.  It was so good! I ate every bite of it and I had two orders of bread. Dang it! Weakness.  However, I have not eaten anything like that in over three weeks (the time I have been on this diet).  Then a co-worker put a cupcake on my desk. UGHH!  It was a small cupcake and I did eat half of it. The other half is in the trash.  I plan to eat very light tonight to make up for the damage I did today.  Hopefully this wont effect my weigh in on Sunday.

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