Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scale is broken!

I changed the batteries in my scale and now it doesn't weigh correctly.  Every time I step on it, it says something different. Soooo I don't know what I weigh, what I lost.  I am going to just weigh in Saturday after I buy my new scale.  I feel like I have lost weight, even though I have been dealing with these last 5 pounds since the first of December.  Does everyone else just get stuck sometimes?  Slack off?  The last two weeks have been awesome. I have been following my menu I have been making for the past two week and I have exercised every night.  Yesterday I rode my stationary bike in the morning for 20 minutes before work and 30 minutes last night.  I can feel it in my legs today.  I give myself spirts ( is that a word) of when I stand up and ride.  I definably adds something.  I took a picture today.  I wanted to compare it from when I first started. 

That's a least 45 pounds!  Today I am wearing my Kentucky Blue cause our #1 team in the nation is playing yucky ol' Tennessee tonight.  GOOOOo Cats!! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lots going on this week

First off I did not weigh in this week.  TOM was in town and I was really bloated.  So I skipped.  Hoping next week I see a good loss.  I made out a weekly menu and I have to say that works well for me I am going to push myself to continue to do that.  Last night my son snapped a picture of me and the husband playing UNO.  Oh no! I ended that game real quick and jumped on my exercise bike.  That picture depressed me the rest of the night, I guess it motivated me too.  My daughter gets to start pre school tomorrow.  I had to go through this whole big process to get her approved.  She has a speech problem, like a lot of kids she does not enunciate a lot of words correctly.  For example she will say "poon" instead of spoon or she will say "mell" instead of smell.  I have been going through the process since August and she finally gets to start tomorrow.  She will be so excited when I tell her she gets to ride the big bus with her brother.  I of course will take her the first day. :)  The early start program is at my son's school which is really cool and convenient.

Also I know this stuff is not weight loss related but I really need some prayers.  I have a final court hearing on Thursday for my custody with my children.  Now I am not trying to not let my ex husband not be able to see the kids I just want to make sure I have full legal custody.  Which means I have all say in schooling, doctors, ect.  Last February I got re-married.  My ex-husband kept the kids while we were on our honeymoon.  While I was gone he un-enrolled Tyler (son) out of his school he had went to all year round and en-rolled him in another school closer to where he lived.  When I found this out I was livid! I quickly enrolled him back in his school.   He is bi-polar (not medicated), he has had TWO dvo's on him,  one of them was on me, he hasn't kept a job in years, he went to jail for 90 days for stealing credit cards, he has given my 40.00 since we have been divorced.  He is supposed to pay half of daycare, he don't.  I pay 740.00 a month people! He is supposed to keep them on insurance, my current husband has them on his.  I could go on and on but I won't.  I just need prayers that everything goes my way.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weigh In

Last week I ate crappy.  The first part of the week started off good but by Wednesday it seemed like I was a hungry hungry hippo!  I couldn't seem to stop eating..Grrrr.  I was expecting a gain not a 1 pound loss! I will take that.  I am still 1 pound away from losing the 7 I gained over the holidays but I'm thinking this week will be a good one.  Fingers Crossed. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Im not super woman

A couple of weeks I fixed something my son had broken.  He asked me how I did it.  I responded to him with the answer "I am super woman" My son was like no your not where is your cape? He insisted I wasn't super woman for the rest of evening.  Well last night my family was sitting around the living room watching some TV and my son was doing his homework.  He asked me for help, I helped him figure out the answer and he said to me "Mommy your smart but your still not super woman" I said "why not" he says "cause your not skinny"  :(  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weigh In

Happy Monday!  Well as I said before I really messed up over the holidays.  I am ashamed to admit it but when I weighed in on January 2nd. I had gained back 7 pounds! Wow seven pounds in about two weeks? I was really disappointed in myself.  Well I am happy to say last week I followed my eating schedule and when I weighed in on Saturday I lost 5 of the 7 pounds I packed back on my rear.  If I could manage to do a repeat this week I would be on cloud nine. Isn't crazy how long it takes to lose the weight but you can gain it back in an instant. It happens, but I will not give up.