Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have been so busy! I have been a terrible blogger.  My apologies.  I saw a loss of one pound on Saturday and when I stepped on the scale again it said I stayed the same.  Then the OCD in me stepped on it again, still said I stayed the same.  So I not counting a loss last week just maintained my forty pounds.

Anyway like promised I want to do a giveaway. It will be a grab bag of sorts.  You won't know what is in there until you get it.  Soooo If you would like to enter my giveaway please leave me a comment  on this post and I will put all the names in a bowl and let my kiddos pick a winner! You have until Friday the 9th.  Good luck!!

 Oh and Make sure you see the cutest giveaway over at Tim's blog!! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lots to talk about plus a Weigh in with Pictures

I haven't been writing as much.  Been busy  I weighed in Saturday, wasn't expecting much because I got pissy on Wednesday night and binged on oatmeal cream pies...3 of them.  I felt shitty afterwards but I did it.  Anyway my weigh in this week I lost 1.8 lbs.  Wished it was more but guess what?? It brought me to exactly 40 lbs lost.  FINALLY!  Hopefully my trip to 50 pounds lost will be shorter. As usual I have taken comparison pictures:

 The first two pictures are a comparison from when I was only 13 pounds down, current picture is me in the gray shirt.  The last picture is a comparison from when I was  31 pounds down.  (NOTE* I pulled my shirt that tight in my front's not really that tight!!) I am seeing the difference.  I think my butt is more defined..haha.  But that damn roll in the front..I hate you roll!

I also have 44 followers now. Yay! I promised when I dropped the 40 pounds and got to 40 followers I would do my first giveaway.  Stay posted.... more information to come in the next day or so. 

I have a couple more issues I would like to blog about but I will post on those later.  Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A funk..

It's what I have been in the last week or so. I ate right last week I cut my calories back some and I worked out.  Not as much as I planned but I did get workouts in.  My weigh in on Saturday showed me yet another 1 pound loss. I am getting so frustrated with this damn 1 pound business.  I know I know it's one pound but I am trying to get to my 40 pound loss and it's just taking so damn long. So I am now 38 pounds down. 

I'm sorry I had to

Me before the Hubby and went out
Last week I had so much crap going on. Saturday was my 32nd birthday.  I did over indulge.  Hubby bought me cupcakes that were oh so good! We ate a Johnny Carinos that night mmmmm.  I am sure I have busted that one pound loss.

I have been reading blogs just not in the mood to comment much.  Sorry I will get my butt out of this soon.  I have a lot on my mind. My husband got some good news last week.  I can't go into on here but it was some stress relief on us. (nothing medical) but my ex husband is being a total pain in my ass.  He is so messed up...but I wont go on about him or I would be all day. 

Back to weight to rambling there for a minute.  I decided to start back on the 30 day shred this morning.  I hate that damn thing but I had good weight loss when I combine that with my exercise bike.  I am going to try to shake things up this week with exercise. 30 day shred, gym, bike, maybe walk.  Maybe I can boost my weight loss doing that.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Very first award!!

I got my first award from Briana!

I received a Versatile Blogger award.  So I have to tell you 7 things about myself and give the award to 15 other bloggers.

1. I worry about everything...everything

2. I love Disney World and would go there all the time if I could.

3. Rolled up and used paper towels are gross to me. Don't matter if they are clean, still grossed out.

4.I love the sound of driving over gravel.

5. I have a brother.

6. I get bored easily.

7. I am totally in love with my little family.  My husband, two children and cat are my everything!

Now onto 15 bloggers I would like to give this award to. 

Mom on a Mission
Mrs. D
Carbie Girl
One Girl 1 Goal
Spoonful of me

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weigh in

When I weighed in Saturday I only lost 1.6.....I am very disappointed in that number.  I counted calories..I worked out.  Damn.  Well I am taking some advice from a fellow blogger and gonna cut out even more calories. Perhaps that will help.  I am also going to try to fit in longer workouts. My goal was to lose 42 pounds by my birthday.  Since Saturday is my birthday I have to lose 5 freakin pounds.  We will see.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Today I hit 36 followers.  I know a lot of you have a ton more followers than me but I think 36 is a awesome number. When I first started this blog I didn't know if I would even get followers. I am so thankful 36 of you out there want to hear read what I have to say.

And I sit at 36 pounds lost. (Hopefully that will change tomorrow) So since I am 36 pounds down and I have 36 followers I want to do my very first giveaway when I reach 40 followers and 40 pounds gone. So root for me to get at least 4 new followers and lose 4 more pounds!!

Calorie counting has been good this week.  I have been staying well under my calories and have exercised every night, except for Monday..that was trick or treating.  So I guess I could count that since we walked so much. Speaking of trick or treating the Halloween candy hasn't been that much of a temptation for me.  I will have a small piece every now and then but I make sure track it.  Surprisingly the Reese's have not been touched.  Not by the hubby, the kids or myself.  Not even tempting me. WOW!    Sharon 1 Reese's 0

I weigh in tomorrow. I always have this fear I will not lose.  I know I
have been on track though so it should show a loss. 

I leave you with Halloween pics of my kiddos

Snow White
Snow White and Vampire   

Tyler Before
Tyler After