Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weigh in and other tid bits

I weighed Saturday morning and I lost a total of 1 pound last week.  Ehhh.  I was wanting more but didn't get it.  However this does bring me down to the lowest since I started this, so that is the bright side. 

I was watching something on TV and they said the number one reason for being overweight is stress.  Does that mean your stressed and you eat or does that mean your stressed and your body isn't likely to lose? 
I was stressed last week but I don't think that has to do with me only losing the one pound.  I just really didn't have time to exercise.  I think I got in about 1.5 hours of exercise the whole week.  I had to get together my court documents and get myself prepared.  The 14th I got all of my items to make cakes for my daughters birthday party at Chuck E Cheese...which I stressed over for no reason.  I started baking that night and before having to be at court at 3:30 on the 15th I finished my two cakes.  Now I know this is a weight loss blog but I have to show you the cakes I made for her party....

Then I had court...I went so great.  The ex husband of course lied about everything but the judge gave me full custody, full decision making when it comes to anything for the kids and he has until Friday to set up child support. (since we have been divorced he has given me 40.00 for them)  If he don't go to the child support office he will be in contempt and go to jail for possibly 6 months.  I still allowed him to see them every other weekend, not that he deserves it. 
Saturday was the party and it went so well.  It is always so hot in there though.  When I asked for my bill the hostess said it had already been taken care of.  One of the neighbors that came paid for the whole thing.  Even bought 150 extra tokens for the kids.  How nice is that?

This week is going good so far.  Biked last night for about 30 mins on rolling hills.  I had to take my son to a doctors appointment this morning so before I picked him up from school I walked for about 40 minutes and I plan to get on the bike again tonight.  Hoping to have a good loss this week.  I really wanted to lose 20 pounds this month (big goal I know) I have lost 11. Wouldn't it be great to lose 9 pounds this week?!  I know that is wishful thinking but maybe I can at least lose 4 to finally make it to 50 pounds lost. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chobani and weigh in

I lost 2 pounds last week. So that means I lost the 10 pounds I gained. Now to start moving forward.  I didn't do to bad this weekend.  Went to the movies and popcorn never tempted me.  :) 

Part of my diet has included Chobani yogurt as a snack.  I am not big on greek yogurt but I can deal with the Chobani fruit on the bottom.  I found some Chobani yogurt six packs.  They were vanilla with chocolate chunks. Mmmm they were so good but after I looked at the packaging longer it said " the first greek yogurt for kids".  Oh well I like them so I will keep getting them. 

I went to Kroger yesterday only to find they did not carry the chocolate chunk. I was a little p'od.  So today at work I had an idea.  I had a vanilla Chobani and a Hershey kiss. 

One lone Hershey Kiss.

Smashed it and made shavings with my spoon.

Added the chocolate to my cup of Vanilla Chobani

Swirled it around and I have my own chocolate chuck Chobani!

 And it did the trick.  The chocolate piece seem to neutralize the sour taste of the greek yogurt.  

Who is doing brackets?  I love college basketball.  I will be filling mine out today.  Go Cats!  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feeling guilty

Last night is the only night I had an issue with following my food plan.  I had a parent/teacher conference at my son's school so I got home later than usual.  My family decided they wanted to go to Olive Garden.  I was like sure, I thought for sure they would have something I could eat there.  I studied the menu and got on my phone too look up nutrition.  I'm really not that big on Italian so I didn't order anything crazy.  So what did I get...

The lunch portion of the cheese ravioli with marinara sauce for 530 calories and one bread stick for 150 calories:(  I scraped off most of the sauce and cheese that came on top but I still felt guilty.   I felt  guilty the whole time I ate it.  And your probably asking yourself why did you eat it? Ugghhhh I don't know.  After the fact I was thinking....I was like you probably could have gotten them to grill you a chicken breast, you could have gotten the salad beside that...but hell no I didn't do that I ate the pasta.  Live and learn I guess.  I just feel guilty about it.  I worked so hard last week to get back on track and then I ate that.  Boooo on me.

Did have a NSV while I was there.  Last time I had been at Olive Garden the chairs there were so snug around my legs and butt, but last night I fit comfortable, even had some wiggle room. :) Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8 lbs

Yep that is how much I lost the first week I was on my new plan.  I am really please with those 8 lbs.  The appetite suppressant/fat burner I am using really works! I have been eating my balanced meals and feeling satisfied.  I get fuller quicker and I am not tempted to snack.  In fact the food plan they have me follow is too much food.  I can't even eat it all most days.  I am full of energy and have been exercising.  I'm pretty content with the way things have been going now lets see if this keeps up!

I told you I would blog more but things have been busy.  How about this wacky weather we have been having?  I live in Kentucky and right in the middle of those deadly tornadoes from Friday.  Not one hit my town but they hit all around.  West Liberty, Kentucky got hit really hard and it's truly heartbreaking.  I feel so blessed, because it could have been so much worse.  Then we got 5 inches of snow yesterday!?  Crazy!  Hope everyone is doing good.