Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Justice

I don't have a lot to blog about weight loss today.  I have ate really well today and survived the 4th of July holiday cookout food.  I walked a mile before work. It feels so good to walk before work.  Hopefully I will have another weight loss to report on Monday. :)

On another note the Casey Anthony verdict came back two hours ago.  I AM SICK!  I can not believe she got away with murder!  What mother does not report her child missing for 31 days??? What mother goes dancing and getting tattoos when she has "no clue" where her baby is? As a mother of two I know I would be going crazy if I didn't know where my babies are.  Let me lose them for 5 minutes and I would be a wreck.  I feel so sorry for this baby girl who passed way to young.  Where is the justice for young Caylee? 

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