Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Off!

Hello!  First I need to start on a lighter note.  Yesterday the hubby and I called into work.  I know I know bad us! We needed a break from our jobs and kids.  Took the kids to the sitter and Charles and I spent a nice day together.

He still worked his first job until about 11:00 so I took the time that morning to go on my morning walk.  I had a band aide on my second toe because I have got myself a blister with all of this walking.  Well yesterday as I was walking I could feel that band aide rubbing my big toe.  It hurt! hurt bad!  But I just couldn't stop in the middle of my walk and take my shoe and sock off to remove the band aide.  So I keep walking and hurting. When I got home I knew it couldn't be good when I took that shoe off. Yep my toe had blood all over it.  I rub a sore spot on the inside of my big toe and it was stinging!  I didn't walk last night because my foot was so sore.  Guess that's what they mean by saying no pain no gain...well in this case no pain no loss.

Back to my day.  Hubby and I went to eat at Cheddars for a nice lunch.  I had a salad, baked potato, rice, and bbq grilled chicken.  It was yummy and I was full.  We then went and saw Transformers, not my first pick but it was his turn to pick the movie.   It was actually pretty good.  I did however have some raisinettes that shared with hubby but I admit I ate more than he did.  Just needed something sweet.  One of my weaknesses.

We picked up the kids after the movie and went home.  I picked the kids up some Fast Food since we were still not hungry from lunch.  Later about 7:00 we ate our leftover from the night before. Overall not a horrible day but it was kinda a relaxed day.  Hey I get one a week!

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