Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spinning to Cup Cake Wars!

So I told you in my last post about my exercise bike my hubby got me.  Well he fixed the seat..yay!  So I was able to ride it last night on the right height.  I used one of the rolling hills pre-sets. It got up to about a nine in resistance.  I was really feeling it.  I stayed on it for 30 minutes completing the hills.  When I got off that thing my butt was so numb!  The seat it horrible! But guess that is a price to pay.  I figured out this bike isn't just a regular exercise bike it's a spin bike.  So I wonder if there is any spinning videos out there?  Oh while I was spinning I watched Cup Cake Wars.. that don't even make any since. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Holding onto my wagon (pictures)

Hey! Hey! Hey! Thought that was appropriate cause that is what I feel like....Fat Albert.  Okay so I have been slacking.  I could blame it on the a a a a al wait I could blame it on the conference I had that consumed so much of  my time and all those damn dinners.  But I could have done better.  So it's my fault...I fell off that damn wagon.  Over the past two weeks I ended up gaining a total of 3 lbs. But as of yesterday I jumped back on the wagon.  I ate really well yesterday and today and truthfully couldn't wait to get back to my healthy routine. I found a exercise bike on Craigslist and Saturday my hubby went a bought it for me.  It is super nice and was only 50 bucks...only thing is the seat is stuck on the lowest position.  It won't budge.  Hubby said he will work on that for me tonight.  Hopefully he can get it fixed, I can ride it but not like I should be.

Last night I rode my new bike for 20 minutes on the rolling hills with a resistance of 6.  My legs are killing me today.  Hubby and I also went a walked about 2 miles yesterday afternoon.  We walked at the Lexington Cemetery.  A lil fun fact.  Ernest from Ernest Goes to Jail, and Ernest Goes to Camp, also he played Jed in the Beverly Hillbillies movie...well he is buried in Lexington, KY cemetery.  This maybe a little morbid but I took a pic of it. 
 Cool huh?  It may sound like a weird place to walk but it was very peaceful and beautiful out there.

One last thing I wanted to share.  While on my conference we took a tour of the Buffalo Trace Distillery.  It was actually quite interesting.  At the end we got to sample the best bourbon balls EVA!
Only had the one and I'm sure it added to that 3 pound gain.  Also had a bourbon tasting.  The bourbon cream liquor was so tasty!

I will leave you with one other interesting fact.  96% of the worlds Bourbon/Whiskey is made right here in Kentucky.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Popping in..

I weighed in yesterday not expecting much and that is exactly what I got.  I was super busy with work and my children last week I didn't get much of a chance to workout.  My weight went down 0.2 from my 1.4 gain.  This week I have a conference my company puts on, I am really involved so not sure how this week is gonna work out.  I just came from there and I am down there for the rest of the week with dinners the next three nights.  Luckily I am picky when it comes to all that fancy food so I probably won't eat to bad.  I have to start counting calories.  I think I will plan out my meals for next week so I can get into counting calories.  Also I am trying to find an exercise bike or something so I can workout on busy nights.  There isn't always time to go walk or get to the gym when you work full time and have two small children.  Not sure how much I will be here this week but I will try to pop in every now and then. Just didn't want you to think I gave up.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Discouraging Weigh In

Yesterday I weighed in. That mean ol' scale said I gained 1.4 lbs. That is not cool scale. Last week I worked out 5 days and ate pretty good.  I don't get it. Booo hoooo! However hubby and I went to the movies and I had some popcorn.  I had not eat much at all that day because I knew I would have some popcorn.  It was so salty.  I also had one of those big movie theater cups full of Pepsi Max. Now Usually I don't drink nowhere near it all but I have had a cough so I drank a lot to keep me from coughing through the movie.  So I'm thinking the salt from the popcorn and the sodium in the Pepsi Max has me retaining water?  This morning I got back on the scale and still no change but I have been peeing all day.  Like big pee's. Sorry TMI.  So maybe water maybe not.  I guess we will see.

Some of you told me to let you know how The Help was.  It was really good.  It's one of those movies that sends you through different emotions.  There was parts that will make you angry, that are parts that will make you cry and there are parts that will make you laugh.  I give it a ten.

Oh and I got my DVD I won over at Shannon's blog.  Thanks so much girl! I will be trying that out very soon. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend tidbit

Ive decided to post while I wait the 30 before I rinse my hair color out.  I dye my hair every month because I have gray hair.  Yes I'm only thirty-one but its something I inherited from my momma. 

I have to say I'm pretty pooped.  In less than 24 hours I have went to the gym, cleaned my entire house including scrubbing two bath tubs and bathroom floors on hands a knees, and I walked one and half miles in the heat today.  Proud of myself though.  I have worked out 5 days only missing last Sunday (never workout on day) and I missed Wednesday. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good weigh in!

Do any of you think of random crap while you walk?  I do. Today my ears came to mind...I was thinking of all the uses we have for ears.  Hearing being number one, but also they hold ear phones, sunglasses, earrings..I'm weird. 

Okay gotta go shave these legs and rinse this crap outta my hair.  Hubby and I are enjoying our kid-free weekend and going to go see the Help.  Has anyone seen it yet?  Is it good?

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Sh*t

 First I would like to announce I won a giveaway over at Shannon's blog.  Yay! for me I never win.

I have to go to the grocery store tonight.  Crap.  I really dis-like the grocery store.  There is always so many people in there. A. I aways go down an aisle where some old lady has her buggy "parked" on one side of the aisle and she is standing on the other side of the aisle looking to see what variety of soup she will buy. or B. I get in the same aisle with someone who is trying to shop with 4 kids and pushing one of those damn carts that look like a car taking up every inch of the aisle while her kids are acting like a-holes. :)  Don't get me wrong I know sometimes you have to take your kids to the store but make them act like human beings.  My kids know if they don't stay by my side and behave then they will get it. Looks like my grocery list is coming along huh...
I just figured out my husband can draw the other day.  Well I knew he could do abstract things but he drew up this little cartoon and I was so impressed. It was of our living room. He said he was gonna draw him on the couch with me yelling at him but didn't have room for him so he just drew me. 

I can't help but notice how thin I am in the is drawing with big boobs. HMmmm you think this means something? 
 Tomorrow starts my son's first day of First grade!  He has grown up so fast.  I will have to tweak my exercise routine a bit and figure out what will work for me.  Yesterday I went after work with my husband and it was nice to get it in right after work.  On Monday I didn't have my kids (with their dad) so I went in the early morning before work then hubby and I went and walked at the Arboretum that evening. So I am doing pretty good just hope I can keep it up once school starts.

Guess I better get back to the work I have on my desk.  Have a fan-tab-u-lous day.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Progress Pictures

The picture of me in the pink is me

at 13 lbs down the one in the purple is 20.4 lbs down.  I can't see much of difference from the front but a little from the side view.  Hopefully 30 lbs down we will see more.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weigh in and mixed feelings

First off today is weigh in day, I have lost 1.2 stinkin pounds.  I know I know its a loss so yea I will take it.  It just feels like this a much slower process this time around.  That makes my total weight loss 20.4. Go me.

I have a couple of other issues at hand that are bothering me.  Not really about weight loss but I would just like to get them off my chest.  My kids dad got out of jail last night.  He is has been in for 3 months for credit card fraud.  He is such a loser.  Anyway he is moving back in with his knocked up girlfriend and now whats me to bring the kids to visit him today.  I know he has the right to see them but I have had them straight for three months now and we are doing just fine.  My children are on a routine now and happy.  I don't want him coming to try and mess this up.  I filed for full custody a couple of weeks ago so I am waiting on that court date.  I could go through all the bullshit he has put my kids, myself and my husband through but it would take hours.  I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do today about them going to see him. EEKKkkk!

I have a question, do any of you ladies go though this?  Hubby and I had a date night last night.  We went to dinner and a movie last night.  We went to dinner where he suggested and that is perfectly fine because I like it too, we were going to go to a movie that I wanted to see but I could tell he wasn't really wanting to go see it so I suggested we go see something else..something I knew he really wanted to see.  Again that was fine because it was ok. After the movie was over we picked up the kids and went home and ......uh huh......yea we did it.....we went to SLEEP!  I was so mad.  I mean I spent extra time on my makeup, perfected my hair, and dressed nice all for him.  This might have something to do with my insecurities with my body and weight but I just wanted to feel sexually desired by him last night and I didn't get that.  I feel like nothing I do anymore makes him want to just WANT me then and there.  We have sex quite a bit but I feel like I always bring it up sometimes I just need him to have that "I need you now and here" thoughts.  What do you think ladies?  Is it just my insecurities or do you agree.  I mean c'mon there is nothing like a nice date night with hubby then a romantic time in the bedroom to perfect the night.  Ughhh...

Time to make breakfast.....have a great Sunday bloggers!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pictures...what I love in life

This morning after getting the kids to the sitter I fixed myself some breakfast.  I made myself two egg whites and a slice of toast.  I always put spray butter on my toast and I think it is, ironically, the best thing since sliced bread. Get it toast..bread? Ok anyhoo I said to myself...Man I am thankful for spray butter. So here it is
I love me some spray butter because it saves me from all kinds of fat and calories on my breads, veggies and this yummy breakfast

For which I also love. :)

Next thing I love is my best friend when I go walk and to the gym.  This keeps me motivated to keep my pace up and not slow down.  It's the....

Ipod.  I love this little guy as he drowns out the world around me while I workout. 

This is our kitty Maggie.  I love her.  She is the sweetest cat.  We recently got her about 3 months ago from the animal shelter.  She is one year old and had been at the shelter since she was a kitten.  She wakes me up every morning and greets us at the door when we get home.  She beats me up the stairs every morning while getting ready for work then rubs it in my face with one of her cute little noises. 

The next two things on my list of loves are my absolute life.

Meet Tyler and Olivia.  My babies.  These little ones are the best things that ever happened in my life.  I never knew I could love so much.  Boy they get on my nerves every single day but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Last but not least on my list is the love of my life.  I love this man like a fat kid..... umm...or adult loves cake.  He gives me so much support in my weight loss.  He walks with me, goes to the gym with me, eats healthy with me all while complimenting how great I look.  He is the man I always wanted.  Everyone meet my husband Charles!

Hope you guys enjoyed my list of loves. :)