Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weigh in...drum roll please

As I said in one of my previous post from this week I was really hoping to lose 3lbs by Friday to make my total loss 30.  I weighed in this morning and.....I lost 4 totally awesome pounds!!!! Bringing my total weight lost to 31 lbs!! Already on my weigh to 40 pounds.  I was so excited I almost cried. I also meet my goal of losing 10 pounds in September.  I ended up losing 11.2 pounds for the month.  I really feel I can do this.  I want to thank all of you for your support, it truly helps! 

Since I have lost another ten pounds I owe you guys progress pics.  You will have to wait in suspense until Monday.  We have a huge full length mirror in the bathroom at work and that is where I will be doing all of my progress pictures at.

Ta Ta for now!


  1. What an amazing month you had. I need to follow your lead. :)

  2. Awesome! Rock it out, rock it out!! So happy for you. It's amazing how each pound and especially each 10 pounds down motivates us. Down on confidence and into self-defeating mentalities for so long has kept us prisoners. It's crazy. No more, my friend - You.Are.Worth.It. Congrats.