Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Well yesterday I kicked off my counting calories.  I know I know I should have been doing this from the git go but I hate it.  I did start out for a few weeks counting calories on the My fitness Pal app from my phone but I just let it go.  I lost weight, 36 pounds.  But it is now time to get over it and count.  I did really well yesterday.  I ate 1400 calories and it says I can have 2030.

Hubby and I took the kids to the park yesterday.  The park is about a half a mile from our house so we walked it.  The kids played and I walked around the track 4 times. That makes about 1.5 miles.  Then we walked home.  So altogether about 2.5 miles yesterday.  We went and bought a basketball and went back to the park and we all played basketball.  My son is actually really good at it.  So got some more exercise in.  Overall a pretty good day.

I am working on my water intake as well.  I usually drink Crystal Light but today I am trying to suck down plain water.

I plan on getting some exercise tonight with all the walking we are gonna get taking the kids trick or treating.  Then I plan on getting home to hop on my bike while I watch Ghost Hunters.  Anyone watch that?  I love it. On Halloween they do a 6 hour live investigation.  A couple of years ago they did one on Waverly Hills Sanatorium. That is here in Kentucky, in Louisville.  One of the most haunted places ever! I plan on going one day.

I can't wait to dress my little ones up.  My daughter is going to be Snow White and my son is gonna be a Vampire.  My husband is so looking forward to doing is vampire makeup.  I think I will just throw on my Minnie Mouse ears I got from Disney World and paint a nose and whiskers on. 

I have been trying to dodge candy all morning at work but they get me when I am away from my desk.  Here is what I have right now
And I would have a lot more if I hadn't said no to some of the one who caught me in my office.  I'm gonna take this home and put it in my kiddos bags. Everyone have a safe Halloween.  I know I am going to be fighting the Halloween Candy but I will win! 


  1. Tracking my food & water intake daily is key to keeping me accountable, I'd honestly be lost without doing it!

  2. Well done on tracking your food! I really need to drink more water so I'm going to give it my all in November. It's just so hard to remember!

  3. I lack on my water intake thank god for smartphones.... There is this app that tracks your water intake and send you text reminders to drink water I think its great so every time I get my notice to drink water i take it as a order so i stop whatever am doing to make sure i drink at least 8 oz of water on the spot :-). I have to say i was not good today :-( I had 2 mini candy bars .. Happy halloween

  4. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out.

    I just wanted to say on an unrelated diet note that I totally watch Ghost Hunters! It scares me sometimes but I love it! I hate Horror movies, though so it's weird that I'd rather be scared by real life things than produced movies. Oh well :)

  5. Good job starting to track... I would say 1400 is probably a good count. If you eat 2030 I fear you'll start gaining, I would adjust it if I were you!

  6. I drink my water with a straw, it does help it to go quicker and easiwer... I don't know why, but it just does!