Thursday, September 29, 2011


After I am finished with my 30 day shred I was looking into getting a beginners yoga DVD.  Just wondering if anyone knows if it burns a lot of calories? Is it a good workout? 

I am really struggling this week with the shred.  I skipped Tuesday night because TOM was really hurting.  I  resumed last night and I had to really push myself.  I really don't like it. 

I have had a few compliments today that I was looking smaller.  Yay! One of them was my hubby, does he count?  But the other was a co-worker friend. (always wanted to draw the line through a word, hehe) Those compliments were welcomed today I just haven't been feeling it this week. 


  1. It definitely counts coming from the hubby! :) I don't have any experience with yoga, if you try it you should definitely post about it!

  2. Yoga doesn't burn a whole lot of calories unless it's weight loss yoga. But flexibility is very important... so I'm sure you'll see great results!

  3. Compliments from the hubby count more in my opinion! They see us everyday, so they're less likely to see differences that other people might notice.

    I've heard yoga is really good for flexibility, not so much for burning calories. I know Jillian Michaels has a Yoga-ish dvd, though. I haven't tried either, but I was told Pilates is good.

  4. I went to school for yoga and massage, and contrary to what the others here are saying, yes it does burn a lot of calories. It makes you sweat, and it is great for muscle tone and sculpting. Now, if you are doing yoga and you are dozing off, sure that yoga isnt going to do anything for you, but it is a workout. Believe me. I lost 50 a few years ago when I was in school, just from doing yoga.