Thursday, June 30, 2011

Game still on

Good Afternoon!  I have pretty much got caught up on my work so thought I would post a lil.  This week is going pretty good.  I walked Monday in the morning and afternoon.  I didn't get to walk Tuesday at all.  I was running late that morning and that night my "aunt" came to town and I was cramping so bad.  I didn't walk Wednesday morning either because my daughter had an early dentist appointment but I did walk last night.  Today is the same thing I didn't have to time to walk this morning but will walk tonight.  I have ate well.  Our fridge went out completely yesterday so we had to eat out last night,  Hubby and I had Subway while the kids had Arbys.  I always struggle when eating out.  I really don't think there are many options for eating healthy when eating out.  I always turn to Subway.  Although I was a little disappointed in myself.  I had a cookie.  Man I love those white chocolate and macadamia nuts..yummmmmm.  But hey I used to to eat three of those bad boys.  My body was screaming for something sweet all day.  I reisited tempation until then. I didn't feel guilty either just satisfied I got a cure for my sweet tooth.

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