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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Half way through my second week...

Well I'm on day ten of my new weight loss journey.  I feel good.  I have not posted if I lost any weight or not because...I don't know!!  I got on my scale on Sunday.  It weighed a lot less and I knew it wasn't right so I got right back on it.  Jumped around each time I got on it.  I had my kids get on it and it did the same thing.  I put it on different spots on the floor...I took it downstairs...I changed the batteries nothing worked the numbers just kept being very inconsistent.  So I tossed it.  I am getting a new one Friday since I wont have the extra money until then.  So I guess I will wait until this Sunday.  Hopefully I will have a good weight loss since it will be two weeks. 

Lets see....I did really well over the weekend.  Weekends tend to be hard for me.  I did overindulge on Sunday.  I made great breakfast for my family for fathers day, took hubby and the kids for ice cream, and we had pizza too.  So not the best day for me. But I got right back on that horse on Monday morning. Monday morning and this morning I walked.  Today I noticed it took me less time and I walked a little further.  So working my way up.  My son and I attempted to walk last night but it poured we waited a minute and went when it stopped.  Then it started to thunder so we had to walk around our little block and take ourselves back home.  (*Cute* I asked my son if he was scared because it was thundering he said "no just frustrated" I say why are you frustrated? He says "cause of this weather" he's five)  Hopefully I can walk tonight after dinner but it's supposed to rain all evening..we will see.  I get really frustrated when I don't get some sort of exercise in.  I feel kinda like I have failed and what it the point in eating good if I am not going to work anything off.  I know that's the wrong way of thinking but sometimes I just can't help but think that way.  So rain rain go away!

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  1. Hi, new follower here. I have a post with a similar picture - the picture you see and think 'wtf, am I really that big?'. It's depressing, but I got some great comments about using that as motivation to move forward. Best of luck, looking forward to seeing your progress!