Friday, June 17, 2011

Taco Bell and Grocery Shopping

Yesterday I did good on my eating..but for dinner I had Taco Bell.  Just didn't feel like cooking plus I didn't have a thing thawed out to cook.  I ate two soft taco 400 calories and an order of pintos and cheese 170 calories.  So that is 570.  Not really all that bad for a taco bell meal. After eating I got the kids settled playing games on the computer and left them with my husband and went walking.  It was about 85 yesterday so pretty hot.  I walked my thirty mins and really could feel the extra weight I have put on the last couple of years.  When I lost my weight before I could walk so much more without being so winded.  I just keep telling myself the longer I do this the better I will feel and the longer I will walk. 

After that walk it was about 8:00.  I rested for a few minutes and then my daughter and I went to the grocery store.  I hate going to the grocery store. HATE IT.  I can not stress that enough.  And I didnt have to get just a few things I had to get everything.  I was in there for almost two hours and spent 252.00.  So I think all that walking around the grocery store counts as exercise. 

Gotta go for now guess I better do some work.  I usually don't get online on the weekends but I might.  If not I will post if I lost any weight or not on Monday.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!


  1. Good job sticking with it, even while eating out. It's hard but doable. Have you tried Taco Bell's chicken soft tacos? They are 190 calories each and you can cut 40-50 calories off of that even by getting them without cheese. I can usually have 3 of them with mild sauce when we go out and still stay within my calorie limit for the day.

    Also have you tried You can track your calories in and calories out on that site, it's awesome.

  2. Thanks for your encourgement! I will look into that website for sure sound like a useful tool! Be sure to come back and read my posts! I looked you up and added you to my faves.