Monday, June 27, 2011

Well Damn!

I had a really great weekend over all...but my eating..not so great!  I of course over did it in a big bad way.  Friday was my son's 6th birthday.  We went to celebrate by having dinner and a movie that night.  First went to Smash Burger and I got a grilled chicken with fries.  Not horrible but not really good either.  Then we went on over to the movies to watch Cars 2.  I had popcorn and coke.  UGH!  Okay saturday I started out healthy again with the grilled chicken.  We had a party for the birthday boy at Chuck E Cheese.  My boy had such a great time!  I ate pizza, ice cream and cake!  Another UGH! Yesterday we went and ate at O'Charly's.  Steak, baked potato, and salad. Did I mention I had another piece of cake?  Ugh Ugh Ugh!  Oh well I will do better.  My weekends are just so hard for me somehow.

I have read so many post froms different people how they keep a water bottle with them at all times.  Well I am gonna do that too! Went to Walmart last night and grabbed this one up.

Im getting ready to start on my third one of these babies.  So id say it is really helping me with my water intake.  For some reason I don't like to drink water out of a glass.  I'm weird I guess.  I walked a mile this moring before I went to work. I'm hoping to do that again this evening if weather permits.  My hubby said he will help me with our free weights.

I bought a new scale last night and got on it this morning.  Well those 13 pounds I thought I lost...nope.  It was a lie all a lie.  My last scale that gave out on me lied to me.  Damn you scale.  However I have lost 5 since I started two weeks ago so I will take that and be happy about it.

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