Friday, September 16, 2011


I don't usually talk about how my weight has effected my life in the past.  I lost weight before I kept it off for a while and then gained almost all of it back.  I have always blamed it on the combination of my mom passing away and entering into a happy relationship. No matter how I slice it I still did the wrong things and gained the weight back.  I didn't really realize how much I had gained back until my husband I went on our honeymoon.  My husband I flew to Miami on February 20th., 2011  I knew when I boarded that plane I would have to use one of those damn seat belt extenders.  So I just went ahead and asked for one. My husband is not a small guy.  He isn't fat just tall..broad get the picture.  We were packed in those damned airplane seats.  I immediately started to cry right there on the plane.  It sucked.  I was going on my honeymoon and I all could think about was my ass is too fat for the seat. I was thinking I'm supposed to be little so my husband can be comfortable.  He put his arm around me and comforted me...I dried up the tears.  Then of course we had to switch planes in Charlotte.  This was a bigger plane so usually in the past I never had an issue with the seat belts on the bigger planes.  But this one....same thing I needed an extender.  So I did the walk of shame to get one. *Once on a plane trip a lady was sitting in the emergency exit row and she had to have a seat belt extender the flight attendant made her move because she couldn't sit in the emergency exit row with an extender* Well damn! I was in the emergency exit row.  I was sooo scared the flight attendant would make me switch seats.  I just covered my seat beat and looked out the window until take off.  Avoiding all eye contact with her.  I didn't have to move.  I guess she didn't remember me.  That was a better trip because we had more space and a lot of leg room. Once in Miami I could give a sigh of relief because I didn't have to fool with airplane seat belts for a week.  

We boarded a Cruise Ship and had a wonderful time for seven days!  We went to Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and the Grand Cayman Islands.  It was beautiful and romantic.  I would post pics but my work computer forbids us from getting on Facebook.  If you want to see go here.

Then it was time to get back on the plane to travel home.  The trip from Miami to Charlotte wasn't so bad I still had use the seat beat extender.  I thought about just sticking it my bag and carry around from airplane to airplane then leaving it on the the last airplane but I didn't want to get arrested for smuggling airline property.  The trip from Charlotte to Lexington was crap!  Crap I tell you! Hubby and I boarded and I told the flight attended I would need the seat belt thingy.  She said okay she would bring it to me.  Well instead of bringing it to me she points to me after everyone had got on the plane and moved me to a seat in the very front away from my husband.  Now you would think she did this because there was extra seats and I could sit  Two guys got on the plane and I was in their seats.  They were telling me I was in their seats and I needed to get up.  The flight attended said no, one of them could sit next to me and the other could sit in the seat across the way next to another girl sitting alone.  They were not happy they wanted to sit together.  It was so embarrassing because they were making a little bit of a scene.  So I had to sit next to this guy all the way home.  He apparently took a bath in cologne because it was gagging me.  He kept leaning over me to look out the window and to top it all off we hit some bad turbulence and I didn't even have my husbands hand to hold.  When I looked back at him he was sitting alone.  I really don't know why she moved me from him because the guy she sat next to me wasn't much smaller than my husband.  It was horrible.

I never want to fly again until I lose this weight.  I refuse. 


  1. WOW! I can't believe that flight attendant on the flight home. What a bitch! She must have been jealous you had such a good lookin' guy to sit by and wanted to punish you.

  2. Flying was always very hard for me! My flights were always 9-10 hours long to see my inlaws in England. I would put my sweat shirt over my lap to make sure you couldn't see how tight the belt was. I hated it.

    I haven't flown in 9 months but am doing so to go to Chicago. Since then I have lost 70lbs so I know this will be a different experience! You will get there too!!

  3. :( Reading this post made me want to scream! I can NOT believe she moved you, what the hell was the point of that?! I had to use an extender for the first time ON MY BIRTHDAY this past April while flying from Omaha, NE to Phoenix, AZ to see family. I was mortified. I vowed then to never have to use one again. I am flying again in 4 weeks to Las Vegas. Honestly I feel like I've lost these 40 pounds, but not much of it was that bottom belly roll, so odds are I may still have to use it. I'm already embarassed.......

  4. @ Ronnie I know right!

    @ Amanda Good luck with your plane trip I am sure you will be fine

    @ April I feel like that is where I have lost weight. I will keep good thoughts for your trip to Las Vegas