Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 Day Shred

Well I bought the 30 Day Shred with all intentions of starting it with some other bloggers but I really wanted to try it out this morning.  So I did.  It's all what I would call very basic moves but it's still no joke.  By the time I was finished I was red, hot and sweat was rolling off of me.  I just laid in the floor this morning after I was finished.  My four year old daughter looking at me all crazy just laying there said "momma your not gonna lose any weight like that" my little smart ass! I felt good.  I think I will continue to do this in the mornings for the 30days.  I ride my stationary bike in the evenings for 30 minutes on rolling hills so I think I am doing pretty good.  My goal is to get to the gym a couple of days to do the weight machines just to help along.  I feel pretty focused.  Although, after I was done with my shred this morning  I felt dizzy and light headed.  I ate a banana then left the house I felt this way the whole time I drove.  I dropped my daughter off with the sitter and then came to work.  I texted hubby and told him and he suggested I eat more, which I was gonna do just hadn't got to it yet, I made some oatmeal and do feel a bit better but still not a 100%.  Have any of you encountered this just after exercise?  Hopefully this is just a one time deal.  I leave you with a pic of my hotness after the workout....


  1. your daughter is a trip! made me giggle.

  2. Yes, the shred is awesome. You can do it for a week and still join us when we start the 30 day next week. Practice makes perfect. You're right, it is very basic moves but she switches things up and you just go the whole time. No rest and she is very firm about that!! I need to do this as my AM workout because it's a good way to start the day.

  3. Make sure you get plenty of water after a workout, and the banana was a fantastic idea. :)

    Great job with the exercise, I just started the 30 day shred, too.

  4. I wish I could do 30 Day Shred..I hate videos because I half do them! I guess I'm a gym girl!