Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feeling guilty

Last night is the only night I had an issue with following my food plan.  I had a parent/teacher conference at my son's school so I got home later than usual.  My family decided they wanted to go to Olive Garden.  I was like sure, I thought for sure they would have something I could eat there.  I studied the menu and got on my phone too look up nutrition.  I'm really not that big on Italian so I didn't order anything crazy.  So what did I get...

The lunch portion of the cheese ravioli with marinara sauce for 530 calories and one bread stick for 150 calories:(  I scraped off most of the sauce and cheese that came on top but I still felt guilty.   I felt  guilty the whole time I ate it.  And your probably asking yourself why did you eat it? Ugghhhh I don't know.  After the fact I was thinking....I was like you probably could have gotten them to grill you a chicken breast, you could have gotten the salad beside that...but hell no I didn't do that I ate the pasta.  Live and learn I guess.  I just feel guilty about it.  I worked so hard last week to get back on track and then I ate that.  Boooo on me.

Did have a NSV while I was there.  Last time I had been at Olive Garden the chairs there were so snug around my legs and butt, but last night I fit comfortable, even had some wiggle room. :) Wiggle wiggle wiggle


  1. Don't waste energy on feeling guilty. Every once in a while will not derail your efforts.

  2. What's eaten is eaten. Guilt is a waste of time really, look forward and leave that behind you. :)

    Great NSV though!!