Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8 lbs

Yep that is how much I lost the first week I was on my new plan.  I am really please with those 8 lbs.  The appetite suppressant/fat burner I am using really works! I have been eating my balanced meals and feeling satisfied.  I get fuller quicker and I am not tempted to snack.  In fact the food plan they have me follow is too much food.  I can't even eat it all most days.  I am full of energy and have been exercising.  I'm pretty content with the way things have been going now lets see if this keeps up!

I told you I would blog more but things have been busy.  How about this wacky weather we have been having?  I live in Kentucky and right in the middle of those deadly tornadoes from Friday.  Not one hit my town but they hit all around.  West Liberty, Kentucky got hit really hard and it's truly heartbreaking.  I feel so blessed, because it could have been so much worse.  Then we got 5 inches of snow yesterday!?  Crazy!  Hope everyone is doing good.


  1. That's amazing! Great job. :)

  2. This has been a year of crazy weather. I just found your blog and followed.