Monday, March 12, 2012

Chobani and weigh in

I lost 2 pounds last week. So that means I lost the 10 pounds I gained. Now to start moving forward.  I didn't do to bad this weekend.  Went to the movies and popcorn never tempted me.  :) 

Part of my diet has included Chobani yogurt as a snack.  I am not big on greek yogurt but I can deal with the Chobani fruit on the bottom.  I found some Chobani yogurt six packs.  They were vanilla with chocolate chunks. Mmmm they were so good but after I looked at the packaging longer it said " the first greek yogurt for kids".  Oh well I like them so I will keep getting them. 

I went to Kroger yesterday only to find they did not carry the chocolate chunk. I was a little p'od.  So today at work I had an idea.  I had a vanilla Chobani and a Hershey kiss. 

One lone Hershey Kiss.

Smashed it and made shavings with my spoon.

Added the chocolate to my cup of Vanilla Chobani

Swirled it around and I have my own chocolate chuck Chobani!

 And it did the trick.  The chocolate piece seem to neutralize the sour taste of the greek yogurt.  

Who is doing brackets?  I love college basketball.  I will be filling mine out today.  Go Cats!  


  1. I love this idea... might have to steal it. :)

    And also, great loss for the week!

  2. Congrats on the loss. Mmmmmmm chocolate. One thing I do miss from my previous life! One day....

  3. Clever! :D Congratulations on your loss!