Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm gonna blog

Okay I think I'm back.  I am not gonna promise everyday blogging but I will as much as I can.  Things have been super busy and I have let my life get in the way of my weight loss.  I have been back in fourth in court with my ex-husband over the custody of our kids.  We have a final court date on March 15th.  I have temporary full custody of them until then.  He still sees them every other weekend, but he don't do a damn thing for them, my kids have been sick with a virus, my husband got the virus..blah blah blah excuses and rambling.  Anyway  I was down 44 pounds now I am only down 34.  So yea I gained 10 pounds back since December.  That sucks! But I have no one to blame but myself.  So I am picking my self back up. Monday I started something new.  I feel like I am always hungry.  I only allow myself to take portioned food to work, and I make sure I don't have change so I don't get in the vending machine.  But by the afternoon I am starving so when I get home I snack the entire time I cook dinner, and I know all those little bites add up big time.  So I got a appetite suppressant and fat burner medication.  I only got a two week supply because I didn't know how it was going to effect my body or my mind. :) And I wanted to see if it worked. 
With the pill I got a meal plan based on my weight, activity level and gender.  So I have been following that.  Sunday I took the time to prep my food.  I measured all of my chicken and steak into 6 oz and froze them in separate freezer bags, I cut up 1 cup baggies of strawberries and stuck them in the freezer as well.  I cooked a huge pot of green beans and put them in one container in my fridge for me to eat out of every day.  I cooked a meat loaf for my family and made a lasagna because I know they will get tired of eating what I am eating.  Everything is in order to make sure that I don't fail.  Monday I started with out the pills I wanted to see if I how I felt eating on the meal plan.  Yesterday I started the pills.  They seem to be working really well.  I don't feel jittery or like my heart is racing, nothing bad.  I definably feel them giving me energy, and they are for sure suppressing my appetite.  Last night at dinner I wasn't even that hungry and I didn't snack one bit while cooking dinner for my family.  I drank 80 oz of water yesterday, which is really good for me.  I exercised both days this week so far and I feel good about this.
I don't plan on taking these pills forever but for a few months.  I felt like I needed something to jump start my weight loss and help me with appetite suppression and energy.  Hopefully Monday when I weigh again I will have lost a good amount. Now some pictures:

Here is what I had for breakfast this morning minus my banana. Its six egg whites..yes I said SIX and a piece of whole grain toast with spray butter. 

This is my mid morning snack yesterday.  Greek yogurt with flax seeds.  This brand is the only Greek yogurt I like.

I got my hair cut, colored and highlighted.  You can't really see the color of it but I looks so good, if I don't say so myself.  Here is a before and after.  I'm going for the sexy teacher look in the second one...haha!! 

My hubby and I on our 1 year anniversary.  Yep we made it! He is the best man I have ever known.

 My family.  I keep reminding myself I need to do this not only for myself but for them too.  To be around for them!  Hope everyone is doing great.  I have been reading and commenting  a little but I promise to be a better blogger!


  1. I always feel sad when I read about custudy battles. I hope everything works out for you.
    Love the hair cut!

  2. The haircut is super cute and sassy! Good luck with your pill, keep us updating on how it's working for you with appetite suppression.

    Also, happy anniversary!

  3. After the holidays, I also had to get back on the wagon! It's a new year (new month for that matter)! We can do this :)

    Your kids are so cute!