Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weigh in and mixed feelings

First off today is weigh in day, I have lost 1.2 stinkin pounds.  I know I know its a loss so yea I will take it.  It just feels like this a much slower process this time around.  That makes my total weight loss 20.4. Go me.

I have a couple of other issues at hand that are bothering me.  Not really about weight loss but I would just like to get them off my chest.  My kids dad got out of jail last night.  He is has been in for 3 months for credit card fraud.  He is such a loser.  Anyway he is moving back in with his knocked up girlfriend and now whats me to bring the kids to visit him today.  I know he has the right to see them but I have had them straight for three months now and we are doing just fine.  My children are on a routine now and happy.  I don't want him coming to try and mess this up.  I filed for full custody a couple of weeks ago so I am waiting on that court date.  I could go through all the bullshit he has put my kids, myself and my husband through but it would take hours.  I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do today about them going to see him. EEKKkkk!

I have a question, do any of you ladies go though this?  Hubby and I had a date night last night.  We went to dinner and a movie last night.  We went to dinner where he suggested and that is perfectly fine because I like it too, we were going to go to a movie that I wanted to see but I could tell he wasn't really wanting to go see it so I suggested we go see something else..something I knew he really wanted to see.  Again that was fine because it was ok. After the movie was over we picked up the kids and went home and ......uh huh......yea we did it.....we went to SLEEP!  I was so mad.  I mean I spent extra time on my makeup, perfected my hair, and dressed nice all for him.  This might have something to do with my insecurities with my body and weight but I just wanted to feel sexually desired by him last night and I didn't get that.  I feel like nothing I do anymore makes him want to just WANT me then and there.  We have sex quite a bit but I feel like I always bring it up sometimes I just need him to have that "I need you now and here" thoughts.  What do you think ladies?  Is it just my insecurities or do you agree.  I mean c'mon there is nothing like a nice date night with hubby then a romantic time in the bedroom to perfect the night.  Ughhh...

Time to make breakfast.....have a great Sunday bloggers!


  1. sorry about your kids' dad. sucks big time!
    a/b the sex stuff. i really think it's cyclical. the hubs and I bounce back and forth about being the one "going after" the other one. it's frustrating to both of us. it evens out eventually. maybe he's feeling the stress from your ex being released and wanting to see the kids, or reacting to your stress over the situation.

  2. First of all I find that when I get upset about sex with my husband it is mostly in my head. I feel one way and my husband doesn't feel anything! Ha. I think that since I have lost so much weight that we should want me more. But then again our life hasn't changed and our schedules haven't changed so why should HE have changed. BUt in the end I think it is just cycles. There are times when he really wants to and I just don't ! No worries though, don't think to much into it!

  3. thanks ladies for your comments. Hubby and I talked. Everything is worked out. He is so understanding.