Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spinning to Cup Cake Wars!

So I told you in my last post about my exercise bike my hubby got me.  Well he fixed the seat..yay!  So I was able to ride it last night on the right height.  I used one of the rolling hills pre-sets. It got up to about a nine in resistance.  I was really feeling it.  I stayed on it for 30 minutes completing the hills.  When I got off that thing my butt was so numb!  The seat it horrible! But guess that is a price to pay.  I figured out this bike isn't just a regular exercise bike it's a spin bike.  So I wonder if there is any spinning videos out there?  Oh while I was spinning I watched Cup Cake Wars.. that don't even make any since. 


  1. I also love Cupcake Wars... and Cupcakes - tasty little devils. Ever tried to watch food network while eating lettuce - NOT FUN.

  2. haha...not fun watching cupcakes while working out. Mmmm