Monday, August 29, 2011

Holding onto my wagon (pictures)

Hey! Hey! Hey! Thought that was appropriate cause that is what I feel like....Fat Albert.  Okay so I have been slacking.  I could blame it on the a a a a al wait I could blame it on the conference I had that consumed so much of  my time and all those damn dinners.  But I could have done better.  So it's my fault...I fell off that damn wagon.  Over the past two weeks I ended up gaining a total of 3 lbs. But as of yesterday I jumped back on the wagon.  I ate really well yesterday and today and truthfully couldn't wait to get back to my healthy routine. I found a exercise bike on Craigslist and Saturday my hubby went a bought it for me.  It is super nice and was only 50 bucks...only thing is the seat is stuck on the lowest position.  It won't budge.  Hubby said he will work on that for me tonight.  Hopefully he can get it fixed, I can ride it but not like I should be.

Last night I rode my new bike for 20 minutes on the rolling hills with a resistance of 6.  My legs are killing me today.  Hubby and I also went a walked about 2 miles yesterday afternoon.  We walked at the Lexington Cemetery.  A lil fun fact.  Ernest from Ernest Goes to Jail, and Ernest Goes to Camp, also he played Jed in the Beverly Hillbillies movie...well he is buried in Lexington, KY cemetery.  This maybe a little morbid but I took a pic of it. 
 Cool huh?  It may sound like a weird place to walk but it was very peaceful and beautiful out there.

One last thing I wanted to share.  While on my conference we took a tour of the Buffalo Trace Distillery.  It was actually quite interesting.  At the end we got to sample the best bourbon balls EVA!
Only had the one and I'm sure it added to that 3 pound gain.  Also had a bourbon tasting.  The bourbon cream liquor was so tasty!

I will leave you with one other interesting fact.  96% of the worlds Bourbon/Whiskey is made right here in Kentucky.


  1. Mmm, bourbon balls. Glad you found a good deal on a bike, hope your husband can fix the seat for ya!

  2. Bourbon balls? Never heard of such a thing. I can't drink the stuff, it makes me a raving lunatic and maybe a little.... ahem, violent. I cut myself off that type of poison years ago. Ugh. TMI? Probably, but whatev!