Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Sh*t

 First I would like to announce I won a giveaway over at Shannon's blog.  Yay! for me I never win.

I have to go to the grocery store tonight.  Crap.  I really dis-like the grocery store.  There is always so many people in there. A. I aways go down an aisle where some old lady has her buggy "parked" on one side of the aisle and she is standing on the other side of the aisle looking to see what variety of soup she will buy. or B. I get in the same aisle with someone who is trying to shop with 4 kids and pushing one of those damn carts that look like a car taking up every inch of the aisle while her kids are acting like a-holes. :)  Don't get me wrong I know sometimes you have to take your kids to the store but make them act like human beings.  My kids know if they don't stay by my side and behave then they will get it. Looks like my grocery list is coming along huh...
I just figured out my husband can draw the other day.  Well I knew he could do abstract things but he drew up this little cartoon and I was so impressed. It was of our living room. He said he was gonna draw him on the couch with me yelling at him but didn't have room for him so he just drew me. 

I can't help but notice how thin I am in the is drawing with big boobs. HMmmm you think this means something? 
 Tomorrow starts my son's first day of First grade!  He has grown up so fast.  I will have to tweak my exercise routine a bit and figure out what will work for me.  Yesterday I went after work with my husband and it was nice to get it in right after work.  On Monday I didn't have my kids (with their dad) so I went in the early morning before work then hubby and I went and walked at the Arboretum that evening. So I am doing pretty good just hope I can keep it up once school starts.

Guess I better get back to the work I have on my desk.  Have a fan-tab-u-lous day.


  1. lol that drawing so cute! I should ask my boyfriend to draw me.. but i would probably cry LOL i always leave my grocery cart just outside of the aisles so i can walk down the aisle get what I need and get away from the aisle hogs. Im not a fan of grocery shopping!

  2. That's an adorable drawing! Fridge worthy.... lol

  3. Congrats on winning Shannon's giveaway! :)

    And cute drawing - hubby seems pretty smart! lol