Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Progressing quite well

It's been a few weeks since I posted.  I have been busy at work, busy at home, busy on the weekends, I find it hard to blog.  I'm not even sure if I still have anyone who actually still reads this, but I still find it therapeutic to journal this weight loss journey so I will still blog.   Maybe one day I will find the courage to post my blog on Facebook for all my friends to see. That will be the day I want everyone to see how far I have come.  Right now I am still hush hush. 

I am pleased to announce since last posting I have lost 9 more pounds making my weightloss "reset" 16 pounds lost.  My goal for February was 10 pounds, I got eleven.   My goal for March is 10 pounds.  I have lost 5. So half way there! I have a "super" goal in my head of 15 but won't be bummed if I don't make that. 

I have been exercising about 6 days a week.  Usually on my treadmill, sometimes a workout video or a combo of both.  I took off Sunday and Yesterday because I have been working on some things for my daughter's birthday on Saturday but I plan to get good workouts in for the rest of the week. 

There is a good chance I won't be weighing in this coming weekend because I am due my monthly visit and I don't want to step on the scale and get discouraged if I see a gain or no movement.  So I think I will avoid Mr. Scale until the following weekend. 

Hope everyone is doing good!  Until next time!


  1. That's a great reset! Hope the birthday goes well. :))

  2. Losing 11 pounds in the shortest month of the year is awesome. I am sure you will me your 10 pound goal for March.

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