Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I have officially started my weight loss again.  Two weeks ago I cut out regular soda.  I have been having two Diet Dr. Peppers a day.  One with lunch and one with my dinner.  The rest of the day I have a full water bottle at my side.  I plan on phasing out those two daily Diet Dr. Peppers too but I have to wean myself off of them cause if not I will get a killer headache.  I also cut out most sweets and fast food.  I lost 3 pounds that first week and 3 pounds the second week.  So down 6 pounds so far.  My goal for this month was 10 since I got started late. I'm hoping to lose 3 or 4 pounds this week to make my goal for the month.  If not no big deal.

My goal for February is a big one.  20 pounds and it's a short month at that.  If I don't make it I wont be to upset, I realize 20 pounds is a lot to lose in a month. Since I am starting back I expect the weight to come off quicker in the beginning.  We will see. 

I got my tread mill today!!  It's waiting for me at home.  This means it is time to get the ball rolling on my exercise.  I will have no excuse not to workout.

I'm working on another blog.  I haven't decided if it will a crafting blog, or a blog in general. I consider myself to be crafty and love to make things.  I have noticed when I craft I don't snack. I'm not thinking about food because my mind and hands are busy creating.  So I have a whole list of items I want to accomplish this year.  I will be sure to let my followers here know when my blog  gets going.

I had a couple of comments on my last blog.  Thank you Carbie and Robin for your support.  Hopefully most of my followers are still out there.  I intend on looking at blogs again. To see how everyone is doing.  

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