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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scale is broken!

I changed the batteries in my scale and now it doesn't weigh correctly.  Every time I step on it, it says something different. Soooo I don't know what I weigh, what I lost.  I am going to just weigh in Saturday after I buy my new scale.  I feel like I have lost weight, even though I have been dealing with these last 5 pounds since the first of December.  Does everyone else just get stuck sometimes?  Slack off?  The last two weeks have been awesome. I have been following my menu I have been making for the past two week and I have exercised every night.  Yesterday I rode my stationary bike in the morning for 20 minutes before work and 30 minutes last night.  I can feel it in my legs today.  I give myself spirts ( is that a word) of when I stand up and ride.  I definably adds something.  I took a picture today.  I wanted to compare it from when I first started. 

That's a least 45 pounds!  Today I am wearing my Kentucky Blue cause our #1 team in the nation is playing yucky ol' Tennessee tonight.  GOOOOo Cats!! 


  1. That is a big difference and you look amazing. Remember that the new scales might show a different weight. I have 2 because I thought the 1st one was failing and there is a 1.6lbs difference between the two.. so I continued to use the original ones since there is no way I am going up 1.6 lbs :)

  2. When you feel like your stuck and not losing a few things. #1 Are you taking your measurements at all? I took my measurements pre-journey and take them monthly, if the scale doesn't move the tape measure normally does as long as Im eating right and moving. The other thing that might be going on is your body has adjusted to the amount of calories & work outs so you need to change things up, either lower or incrase your calories for a week or two, increase your work out time and work outs themselves, push yourself harder, your body has adjusted and doesn't want to budge! Im going through the exact same thing and Im trying to shake my world up to get the scale moving again.

  3. You look great! And I agree with Sara, measurements!!

  4. I know I get struck and have to change things up to get the scale moving again. Maybe try walking instead of biking or the elliptical or add in some weight training.

  5. OMG, look at that progress!! Congrats, so happy for you.

  6. You look amazing!!!

    And HEY on the Tennessee comment!! ;) I don't even know what team you're referring to, just a Tennessee resident, haha!