Thursday, December 22, 2011

Drum roll please...

I have a winner.  I used so my winner was totally at random.  And I can't figure out how to insert the widget.  So anyway it said 7 So Briana you are my winner! 

Things at work have calmed down a bit so I will update since I haven't posted in quite some time.  As I told you last week I managed to lose 3 pounds.  When I started vacation on the 12th I have every intention of working out everyday and eating super good.  Alright that didn't happen.  For the first two days I ate horrible.  I started out okay on Monday but didn't exercise. Tuesday I came to work to pick up my husband and one of  my provides sent me a box of Godiva! Man...I brought them home and and put them in the freezer and they were on my damn mind all day.  I ate one..two..then three damn truffles were in my belly by the end of the day.  I gave a couple to my kids and hubby and then put them back in the freezer.  No exercise on Tuesday either.  Wednesday: Truffles screaming from the was muted but I could still hear them. :)  I got them out ate two more then threw the bastards away.  I ate like shit that day.  I was like okay Sharon tomorrow we will just start many times have you said that?  But Thursday that's what I did.  I went to the gym that morning.  I ate very healthy all day and counted calories and weighed everything out. Then Friday I did the same.  I worked out, and ate healthy.  Saturday I ate healthy.  I got the kids together and was out the door to the gym but my damn car would not start.  I called my husband and told him (he works on Saturday driving) he got a break and came home and what do ya know it started right up for him.  By then it was to late to go to the gym because the daycare closed at 12:30.  DAMN! I could have worked out at home but didn't.  Our family made Christmas cookies that night and I didn't eat not a one.  Sunday morning when I weighed I was down three pounds! I was so excited to see that.  I have been stuck losing one pound a week for weeks now.  I was off Monday and Tuesday this week too.  Went to gym both days.  Skipped yesterday and I plan on getting on my bike tonight and using my hand weights while riding the bike.  Ya know Jillian says you gotta work your small muscles in with your big muscles. 

Speaking of Jillian I did the 30 day shred on level three for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  I really like it.  I guess because it is such a challenge. 

Well that is all I have today.  I can't believe it is almost Christmas.

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