Monday, November 14, 2011

A funk..

It's what I have been in the last week or so. I ate right last week I cut my calories back some and I worked out.  Not as much as I planned but I did get workouts in.  My weigh in on Saturday showed me yet another 1 pound loss. I am getting so frustrated with this damn 1 pound business.  I know I know it's one pound but I am trying to get to my 40 pound loss and it's just taking so damn long. So I am now 38 pounds down. 

I'm sorry I had to

Me before the Hubby and went out
Last week I had so much crap going on. Saturday was my 32nd birthday.  I did over indulge.  Hubby bought me cupcakes that were oh so good! We ate a Johnny Carinos that night mmmmm.  I am sure I have busted that one pound loss.

I have been reading blogs just not in the mood to comment much.  Sorry I will get my butt out of this soon.  I have a lot on my mind. My husband got some good news last week.  I can't go into on here but it was some stress relief on us. (nothing medical) but my ex husband is being a total pain in my ass.  He is so messed up...but I wont go on about him or I would be all day. 

Back to weight to rambling there for a minute.  I decided to start back on the 30 day shred this morning.  I hate that damn thing but I had good weight loss when I combine that with my exercise bike.  I am going to try to shake things up this week with exercise. 30 day shred, gym, bike, maybe walk.  Maybe I can boost my weight loss doing that.


  1. 1 lb at a time can be frustrating but your going in the right direction so keep that in mind, we are so impatient to get this weight off but weren't caring when we were putting on pound by pound every week.
    Thanks for hte cupcake pictures, I think I drooled all over my keyboard, they look amazing!
    Your glowing in that picture btw!

  2. Sorry you're in a funk! Fortunately, those things pass! I think 1lb is decent, it's going in the right direction. Would one prefer 4lb, sure. I lost .9 and I try to think that it could just as easily have been a +.9 .. :)

  3. I probably average about 1 lb a week, so I understand your frustration. It does add up though. What does it say about me that I recognize those cupcakes and know EXACTLY where they came from lol! We have a Gigi's in my town too. :)

  4. Set some concrete goals, that has helped me. I say, well I think I'll try to do this or that... I would put it off and put it off. I made mini goals for this week and have been doing much better. You look super cute and confident in the pic, you deserve it. Soon you'll be at 40 pounds lost, then 50! Never give up because You're.Worth.It.

  5. Hi! My mom and I just started blogging and I've been looking at all kinds of new blogs. I have enjoyed reading yours. Your swagbucks widget also caught my eye. I just bought a scale and pedometer from Amazon with the gift cards I've earned. LOVE Swagbucks! Anyway, I'm going to follow your blog!