Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Popping in for an update

It has been about a month since I was last here, give or take.  This seems to be the norm now.  It has been quite a busy time for my family.  My husbands birthday, my son's birthday and I our lovely vacation. 

Since the last time I was here I have lost 6 more pounds bring my total lost to 36 pounds.  I know I could have lost more but I know exactly why I didn't. Five of those pounds were lost before I left on vacation. I had this big plan in my head, I was going to eat as good as I could, I was going to take my kettle bell and I was going to utilize the hotel gym....syke!

Here is what really happened..I forgot my kettle bell, I ate whatever I wanted and I never saw that hotel gym.  However I did walk miles and miles five of the days I was there.  We went to Disney World so tons of walking, and tons of sweating.  That was probably what saved me from gaining a zillion pounds while I was there.  When I got back home I weighed myself I was up 10 effing pounds!  ten!  You know in the next 3 days I peed out all ten of those pounds, every single one of them.  That's a ton of sodium.  So I broke even.  The week after we came home from vacation I didn't do anything on the exercise front.  Nada.  For some reason I decided to give myself the week off....but on the bright side I did get back to eating better.  Again I stayed the same that week.

I had to  have a heart to heart with myself.  Last year when we too went to Disney World I had lost 50 pounds.  When we got back I was up and then I lost momentum then I gained 53 pounds, all my weight I had worked so hard to get off plus some.  I was well on my way this year to doing the same thing.  I knew I didn't want that to happen so when Monday rolled around I got myself up at 4:20 and dusted off the treadmill from it's two week vacay.  When I weighed in on Saturday I was down only a pound.  I decided I would just take it without fussing and try harder this week.

So I am rolling out of bed 4:20, counting everything that goes in my mouth and getting my butt back on track! I will leave you with a few pics.

 My hubby and kids we were getting on Star Tours.  Which I was totally nervous about getting on because I heard there was issues with hip room and seatbelts for larger guests..but no problem!
 My daughter and I waiting in the car for the boys.
 My totally awesome measuring cups, these are an essential in weight loss. 
   I had one bite of the famous Disney World turkey leg, not impressed..

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